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Meanwhile, there is worldwide a colourful and broad range of stamps, sheets of stamps, stamp books, first day covers, etc, where a submarine is the main motive. Many of those are looking nice, are reasonable in price or costly, are false or real. Same applies to mail, that was shipped by submarines or that comes from submariners.

We are able to answer your questions and we can fall back on many original editions, that are ready for your viewing at any time. Furthermore, we hold comprehensive specialist literature and catalogues, allowing us to help on even for difficult inquiries or enabling you to look into those during research.

The German Mail has published already some postal stationary, where the design came from artists, which made use of our services.

Examples of rare pieces in the archive´s collection:

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Schiffspost / Ganzsachen Bundesmarine - Marineschiffspost U 27 in der Botany Bay 1983
Sea Mail/ Postal Stationary Federal German Navy: Naval Mail of U 27 at exercise “Botany Bay” 1983
Ganzsache zu 100 Jahren deutsche U-Boote
Postal Stationary 100 years of German submarines
USA-Schiffspost U-Boot-Nautilus, erstes Atom-U-Boot
Sea Mail/ USA USS Nautilus, first nuclear submarine
Tauchpostbrief Das Handels-U-Boot "Deutschland" fuhr zweimal nach den USA. Dabei beförderte es auch Post. Als es zum dritten Male auslaufen sollte, erklärten die USA Deutschland den Krieg. Deshalb ging dieser "Tauch-postbrief" wieder zurück an den Absender.
Submarine Mail The merchant submarine Deutschland sailed twice to the USA, thereby also carrying mail. When she was about to depart for her third voyage, the USA declared war against Germany. Therefore, the letters and postcards of the mail to be shipped were returned to the senders

The U-boat-Archive holds a comprehensive collection of stamps with submarines depicted, as well as sea mail/ postal stationary from the Federal German Navy and the US Navy.p055_1_01