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At this point we would like to remember the Deutsche U-Boot Museum´s founder and director Horst Bredow who closed his eyes forever on February 22nd 2015 after a fulfilled life of 90 years. ( obituary). We commemorate him in great appreciation and gratitude and in this context we would like to present insight in his life´s interconnections and backgrounds and the founding and development of an institution which is almost standing alone domestically and overseas. He has put it in a reference work full of interesting occurrences and stories around about his life and lifetime achievements.hb1

Besides a detailed description of the archive´s and museum´s rooms, information on exceptional commanders, his training in the Kriegsmarine and very special U-boat stories for instance operating a boat´s highpressure head for underwater use is given.

His memories are rounded off by a wide range of photographs standing in context to the descriptions. Unfortunately Horst Bredow´s book “Das U-Boot Archiv und meine Zeit auf dem Wasser und der Marine” is not yet available in English, but just looking at th German overwiev gives an impression of the wide range of topics this book offers which thus sustainedly supplements a visit at the museum. For guests and visitors who have command of the German language this book can be a memento of memorial of a special kind.

Some chapters of the book are published monthly on our German website where it can also be purchased.