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Stiftung Deutsches U-Boot-Museum
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Annemarie Bredow
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27478 Cuxhaven-Altenbruch

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The English translation of the webpage is unofficial and may contain errors in syntax and spelling.

There are graphic documents on display that deal among others with subjects of World War II. Parts of that are photographs or portrayals which show medals or symbols of the National-Socialistic Germany, in particular the swastika or the war banner of the German Reich.

This has been done in full compliance with the ruling of paras 86 and 86a of the German penal code. The German U-boat Museum wishes to distance itself explicitly from any glorification of such symbols, above all those from the time 1933 to 1945. These presentations shall not hail the National-Socialistic Regime in any way, rather, they shall put the memory at the service done and the ordeal of the U-boat men, which sailed and died under this flag, into a correct historical framework.

Rightwing extremist opinions and presentations of the past are not shared by the German U-boat Museum under any circumstances.