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Established with devotion and idealism, maintained in future by wide interest to secure continued existence, there is a centre of radiation at Cuxhaven-Altenbruch for Naval historians and friends, for active and former seafarers of all fleets, but most of all for active and veteran submariners of WW II, that only could be created as a work by somebody who considers this his lifetime achievement: The U-boat-Archive of Horst Bredow, where visitors from Austria were always welcome and will continue to be.

It would not represent its connection to contemporary history to merely call it “Museum”. It would not reflect its sheer amount and variety of it´s contents to merely call it “Documentation”. Just to call it “Archive” would mean to oversee that there is also a dignified place for memory, admonition and meditation. Therefore, the name “U-boat Tradition Archive” seems to be the most revealing one, although inevitably a short name can never be a complete description of something.

Legally, a “Foundation” may not ask for entrance fees to financially cover the cost of maintaining. This “Treasure of Generations” can only exist and live on through donations to that foundation as a registered charity. May this to be considered as an appeal to all, who keep some sense of preservation of the values of the past, as a source of power for the present and future.

Source: Visit by a group of Austrian Naval Historians