Due to the Corona Pandemic, the German Submarine Museum will be closed to visitors until at least the end of April. Also the office is not occupied during this time, so that we cannot be reached by telephone and incoming mail cannot be processed for the time being.

For the same reason, this year’s FTU Annual General Meeting, which was planned for April 18, unfortunately has to be cancelled for the time being.

The team of the German U-boar Museum wishes all members and people that they may stay healthy and get through this crisis as well as possible.

Welcome to the German U-boat-Museum, an institution highly regarded by visitors and international experts. It is composed mainly of the U-boat-Archive and a collection of U-boat exhibits

aussen1Started in 1947, the U-boat-Archive compiles all attainable information, photographs and personal notes by witnesses as well as historians of the history of German submarines, to evaluate those for objective historiography. In 1986 this compilation was reckognized officially as “U-boat Tradition Archive Foundation”, using that name furtheron. It became a unique place for reunions of submarine veterans, but also a meeting point for many U-boat interested persons. Additional information can be found under Archive.

aussen2Second pillar of the foundation is the collection of U-boat exhibits, where objects of all kinds from the history of underwater-operations are on display. It ranges from parts of former U-boats and their equipment, to uniforms, pieces of personal belongings from veterans, technical instruments, and much more. Since 1989, the town of Cuxhaven-Altenbruch is the location of the foundation and thereby hosts archive and museum.

In order to maintain and further expand this facility the “Association of Friends of the U-boat Tradition Archive (FTU)” was founded in 1992. Its members support the work and lasting existence of the U-boat-Archive through their personal hands-on co-operation, their donations or other contributions. If there is any interest on your side to become an active or supporting member of the association you can find more under Contact.

The file Flotsam is a compilation of contributions by volunteers of the archive of facts from the world of seafaring of general interest. Reports from the daily work at the archive and results of various projects are mentioned in file Reports & Figures. The file Series will present the information about visits to German U-boats by Head of States and Government published so far, as well as a new series about myths around operations of German U-boats, plus more series to come. Consequently, the current structure of the files has been amended.

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