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Russian Navy soon to commission second “BOREI”-Class SSBN

In June 2011 media reported of the completion of the construction of a second “BOREI”-Class submarine for the Russian Navy. This submarine in a series of a total of 8 units announced so far is being built at the Sevmash-Shipyard at Severodvinsk at the White Sea coast, close to Archangelsk, with the new submarines to replace the aging strategic submarines of the “DELTA III” and “DELTA IV”-Class.

Construction of this series (Project 955) started with the keel-laying of the first submarine, the Yuriy Dolgo-Rukiy (K-535) as early as 1996, experienced, however, several delays due to the ongoing budget constraints of Russia. Therefore, the First of Class did not enter its final fit phase before 2007 and commenced its sea trials not before 2009. The allegedly final sea test- and trial of this submarine started on 07th of June 2011, which included for a second time a launch of the Russian Navy´s new ballistic missile, the SLBM “BULOVA” (RSM-56, NATO designation: SS-NX-30). The second SLBM “BULOVA” launch from Yuriy Dolgo-Rukiy was successfully carried out on 28 June 2011. Also, the second and third submarine of the “BOREI”-Class are under construction, the Alexander Nevsky (K-550) since 2004 and the Vladimir Monomakh since 2006, the latter almost complete.

The keel-laying of the fourth submarine, according to recent statements to be named Svyatitel Nikolai, was scheduled for the 22 December 2009, but was delayed repeatedly, although first construction work has star-ted already. Experts assume that the fourth SSBM of the series will be an improved “BOREI II”-Class sub-marine, inter alia to receive 20 vice 16 launch shafts for SLBM – The “BOREI”-Class SSBN have a length of about 170 m, a beam of 13.5 m and a draught of about 10 m, their displacement is about 14,700 t surfaced and 24,000 t submerged. Their speed shall be some 15 kn surfaced and 26 kn submerged, and their operational diving depth is specified to be 450 m. The main armament is delivered by 6 torpedo tubes and 16 launch shafts for SLBM. Their crew is to comprise 107 officers and petty officers (there are no ratings any longer on board). The Yuriy Dolgo-Rukiy should reach its full operational readiness soon, she will be assigned to the Russian Pacific Fleet.

The new Type “BULOVA” ballistic missile (SLBM) is a Navy-Version of the shore-based missile SS-27 TOPOL-M. It has three stages, has a length of about 12 m and weighs about 36,8 t, range is about 8,000 km, and there are 6 warheads á 150 KT with each missile. Reports talk of some 124 missiles to be procured, plus another 30 to 40 for tests and trials. The latest test launch from Yuriy Dolgo-Rukiy was No. 15 in the current test series, with only 7 being successful so far. 4 more test launches from SSBN are planned in the near future.

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French Navy orders a third new SSN

At the end of June 2011 news came out, that the French Navy has ordered a third SSN of the “Barracuda”-Class, six of those are planned in total. Beginning in 2017 the “Barracuda”-Class SSN shall be commissioned one submarine every other year during the next 10 years, to replace the then aging SSN of the “Améthyste”-Class (2) and “Rubis”-Class (4). The project, estimated to cost about 8 Billion Euros for 6 submarines, was launched in 2008 from initial design to full construction per placing an official order with the state owned shipyard DCN. The “Barracuda” SSN are specified to have a displacement of some 4,765 t surfaced and a length of about 100 m. Armament plans are for 4 torpedo tubes to launch torpedoes, SSM and cruise missiles. Also, space shall be available for a 12 head strong commando. The complement is stated to be around 60.


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Iran reports return of its submarine from the Red Sea

In our July 2011 issue we did report about news from Iran to further expand its Navy and increase its presence beyond home waters and, in doing so, send for a first time submarines for exercises to the Red Sea. On 06 July 2011, the Iranian News Agency INRA gave notice of the return of a submarine from the Red Sea. According to that, the Iranian submarine Younes (also written: Yunes) was to have entered the Red Sea on 07 June 2011 and to have left again that sea area on 05July 2011, which was part of a two-months exercise of the 14th Iranian Fleet in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Younes is one of 3 conventional submarines of the ex-Soviet “KILO”-Class, Iran purchased in 1996. It has a displacement of some 2,300 t surfaced and 3,200 t submerged, a length of about 72,6 m and a beam of about 9,9 m, there are 6 torpedo tubes. Names of the other two Iranian submarines of the “KILO”-Class are Nuh and Taregh.


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