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Name, Location and Legal Form

The foundation carries the name “German U-Boat Museum – Archive of International Underwater Operations”, in short: “German U-Boat Museum Foundation”. It is an incorporated foundation under civil law, located at 27478 Cuxhaven-Altenbruch.

The organs of the foundation are the Executive Board and the Advisory Board. After the death of the founder and long-time managing director, Mr. Horst Bredow, in February 2015 the reorganized Executive Board and the Advisory Board is composed of the follwoing members:

Executive Board

Annemarie Bredow, Chairman
Rolf-Peter Schulz, Deputy Chairman
Dr. Jutta Baberg
Lutz Erntges
Günter Prill
Herbert Riemer
Oliver Meise

Advisory Board

Vera Jahnholz-Riemer, Chairman
Peter Brandt
Wolfgang Klaue
Jens Kruse, representing the supervising authority of the City of Cuxhaven
Karl-Heinz Schroth

The Foundation´s Aims

It is the aim of the foundation to maintain, to expand, and to further care for the archive and the museum that was established in 1952 by the founder under the initial name “U-Boat Archive Möltenort of the Federation of German Submariners, Inc.”, to pursue the purpose of fostering the tradition of submariners as well as supporting academic work. The foundation´s aim will be followed particularly by providing information, whether it be for personal motives (information about fates of submariners and their U-Boats, so far unknown) or for academic purposes (historical or technical research).

The foundation exclusively pursues non-profit making purposes in observation of the rulings on “Tax Privileges” as laid down in tax legislation. The foundation maintains an unselfish course and does not put economc interests to prevail (taken from the constitution of the foundation of 21 June 2014).

The statutes and articles of the foundation can be consulted at any time at the main office. All members of the foundation work on strictly honorary basis.