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Dear U-boat enthusiast,

through this online-research, which primarily constitutes a service offer and an addition to our homepage, we would like to offer you an opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview about the documents collected and compiled at the German U-boat Museum. With that, you will be able to inform yourself at any location not only about the availability and the size of the documents looked for but also about the administrative costs related to them.

The data bank created for that will be kept up to date permanently, and enlarged if necessary. All U-boat Data Sheets of Kriegsmarine U-boats filed yet contain the most relevant facts and data about a certain U-boat in an easy to survey manner. The War Diaries contain a U-boat´s narrative for a certain time period and/or a combat patrol, and they show times, positions and important events. See the comprehensive description of the Demo-File at the new page.

The data bank will also outline the total size of documentation about a certain U-boat, including costs to be expected. The delivery will be carried out in accordance with the method of saving requested, i.e. as CD, or DVD, or USB-Stick, or even paper hardcopies. If the electronic size of documents compiled allows, delivery per email will be possible. There are several methods of payment. Generally, all information will be available to you without prior registering. Hence, you may inquire for a variety of information, such as dates of keel laying, launching, commissioning, combat patrols, etc. Only if you want to purchase documents selected you have to register.

The team of the U-boat Archive would like to wish you much success when researching by means of our additional service offer. We are ready at any time to answer your questions through the contact form or our postal address.

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